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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

Here's wishing all our readers and members a very Happy New Year. We look forward to many fine flying trips in 2015.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Aviation News Journal Jan/Feb 2015 PREVIEW

The new Aviation News Journal Magazine Jan/Feb 2015 is ready for you.

Preview here:  http://publishers.magzter.com/reader/7275/80207

Happy NEW 2015 to you!!


The tiny (600') curving uphill strip on Saturna isn't really a destination given its reputation for chewing up airplanes. Mr Prudent had the luxury to go in first  with a helicopter to walk the strip.  Now some of you may consider this cheating.

There's a single lonely emu in a pen, but the helicopter didn't rattle it too bad.  Get prior permission and pre-notify of arrival, and do a few passes to check for kids, people, dogs, sheep, heavy equipment.  It is a little lumpy but not bad, branches and bramble bushes reaching out from both sides trying to snag your wingtip.  The hill is quite steep, so steep that on wet grass you may slide down uncontrollably with locked wheels.  As you go up, keep left and then cartwheel it around to the right at the top.  This will align you with the downhill direction instead of aiming cross-strip, and improve your chances of escaping the dreaded walnut tree clutch.  Pick your weather, no wind.  On Vimeo  http://vimeo.com/103213475  there's a video of Sieg landing his 182 there.

Monday, December 29, 2014


Dave & Dave keep raising the bar - this is supposed to be the time to curl up by a log fire and fantasize over a Desser tire catalog, and instead we wring out the year with another challenge to fate and the elements.  This time to Bamfield, A little known strip by the lighthouse/village on the  way to Tofino, about an hour from CZBB.

Strip looks like it has been cleaned up, nice smooth gravel and a locked gate to keep the riffraff out.  About 1800', good approaches, lots of parking.  15 minute walk to "town", braving the howling dogs that eventually broke out of their pen and ran me down.  Turned out they were all friendly, even the evil looking one with one yellow eye and the other blue.  The old woman in the Stanfield top said that  they are lonely from not seeing too many people - is that an invite for us to come more often?  You can always arrange a taxi. 250-728-3363

There's Pacena Bay nearby with a campground and beach, and around the corner toward the lighthouse another long beach called Keeha that looks landable.  Maybe somebody can lay down some tracks and let us know.  I would have except for the brisk outflow wind this afternoon.

Here's some pictures.
This strange looking  building beside the runway has a sign on it saying "customs", must be a story there.  And looking to the north from where I'm parked in the middle.


New Date: January 10th - "Franks On Fraser" Fly in...

There is  an UPDATE to our Fly in event, and the new scheduled date is January 10th, 2015 at 1200-ish:

"The Franks on the Fraser get together has been set for Saturday Jan. 10th , 2015....noon-ish!
It will take place on a gravel bar somewhere between the mission bridge and Hope. Most likely just east of the Agassiz bridge. Bring your own food but the fire and the friendship are free.
The fire should be going by noon so look for the smoke and as always land at your own discretion"...(from Ken).

Please let your friends know...looking forward to this FUN event!

Aviation News Journal: Elke Robinson

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Destination Chilliwack, Alternate Victoria

Plans always seem to change on the fly. 

We originally planned to make our way up to Campbell River to visit Sea Land Aviation, where John Sessions' WWII bomber, the B-25 Mitchell is currently being repainted. Immediately, there was hesitation about going up there, as the GFA's (Graphical Area Forecasts) for the BC Coast were showing very strong winds. The TAF's (Terminal Area Forecasts) also showed that the same conditions should be expected. Our sight then shifted east, towards Chilliwack. We then remembered that there was a group of Pacific Pilots organized to head east. Perfect, right?

The idea was to take a few planes up along the Fraser River to explore the sandbars, then have lunch at Chilliwack Airport. But, soon after we departed Delta Air Park, David Bianchi and I (Dave McIntosh) in the Jodel, were confronted with some very low clouds which made getting past Cloverdale impossible.

Conditions at Langley Airport were marginal VFR, and those conditions spanned north and south of the field creating an effective wall against our progress eastbound. Our friends James in his RANS S-6 Coyote, and Greg in his Tecnam, who both departed King George Airfield ahead of us were turned back by the same weather, but being ahead of us, we could hear them over the radio and it gave us an early alert about the conditions to be expected. From what we gathered, James and Greg both diverted for lunch at Pitt Meadows. Dave and I chose to head to Boundary Bay Airport for Lunch. While at Boundary Bay, we reviewed the weather and made a call that Campbell River was definitely still out as an option, but on the recommendation of some friends we bumped into at the terminal building, Victoria looked good.

We hopped in the Jodel, popped over to Delta Airpark (0.1hrs), grabbed a pair of life vests, and then set out towards Victoria. The trip across was uneventful, other than a low cloud base that did not allow us to fully reach our intended 4500' crossing of the strait. Once on the ground in Victoria we taxiied over to Victoria Air Maintenance (where Bob Jens' Mosquito was expertly restored), and where the Royal Canadian Air Cadets have maintenance done on their Cessna C-182 towplanes (seen below). 

Right outside of Victoria Air Maintenance is also the current parking spot for the Catalina Preservation Society's freshly painted PBY-5A Canso/Catalina. This airplane is best known as the Catalina, but in the Canadian Air Force it was called the Canso.

It is part way through a restoration back to original WWII RCAF configuration. Located off site, are a pair of original waist blisters, and a nose turret, which when re-installed will give the Canso a very original look. What's neat about this specific Canso is that during WWII it actually served at Victoria Airport, so in a sense, it's back home. After the war this Canso was converted to a waterbomber, and eventually made its way into the Buffalo Airways fleet, of TV's "Ice Pilots" fame. Buffalo Airways was the last company to operate the airplane before it was purchased for the Catalina Preservation Society a couple of years ago.

After taking a good look at the Canso, we hopped back in the plane, had a lesson on what clearance delivery can do for you, and then flew across the strait back to Delta Air Park, where conditions had actually improved since we left for Victoria.

With the Jodel tucked away, and a great day of flying under our belts, we closed the hangar doors and returned back to "regular" life, on the ground.

Written by: David McIntosh

Friday, December 26, 2014

Mission: Boxing Day Shopping Avoidance

The plan was to leave my home in Vancouver at 9:00am, get to Delta Heritage Air Park by about 9:45am, hop in the Jodel with Dave Bianchi as my co-pilot/radio/navigator and fly to Chilliwack to meet Dave Zoppa at 11:00. From Chilliwack we were going to take both the Jodel, and Dave Zoppa's Cessna C-140 in a mini convoy up to Hope to take a look around. That's right, only three Dave's involved at this point.

All this didn't happen quite as planned though, but the results were still fantastic...

I slept in, and I needed it. I got to the airfield around 10:30, and got the plane ready for Mr. Bianchi's arrival. While doing so, I got a message from Mr. Zoppa saying he had to cancel due to holiday related obligations. 'Tis the season, so we planned to continue on without him. Mr. Bianchi and I topped up the gas tank on the Jodel and we made our way out to Chilliwack. On our way we encountered smooth conditions and cloud ceilings around 1800'. We also met some fishermen, eagles, and sandbars as we cruised along the Fraser River at appropriate altitudes for the prevailing conditions.

Despite encountering a little bit of snow over the city of Chilliwack, we made it into Chilliwack Airport safely around noon to park in front of a "closed" Airport Cafe! Oh the humanity, no pie! Also, as the weather out towards Hope did not look advantageous to an enjoyable flight, we soon pondered... "Where else can we fly to that would be fun?"

We decided that Sechelt was our best option. Also, my best friend Nicole lives in Gibsons, so I figured we could get driven into town for a bite to eat once we got there.

Away from Chilliwack we flew west along the Fraser, past Mission and Fort Langley, over top of Pitt Meadows Airport, and then abeam Simon Fraser University which looked more like a ghost town at this time of year. We trundled along as fast as the Jodel could take us, through Vancouver Harbour and over Bowen Island. At this point we sent a text message to Nicole announcing our impending arrival at Sechelt Airport. Once back on terra firma, and the Jodel parked in Sechelt, we made use of the Elphinstone Flying Club's facilities to warm ourselves up while we waited for our pick-up. The clubhouse had a piano in it, and very soon after I gave up trying to play "When the Saints Go Marching In," Mr. Bianchi took over the keyboard to test his memory and to both of our pleasures, he was able to play a beautiful piano concerto.

Once Nicole arrived, we were surprised with an invite to a Boxing Day house party. And who are we to say no to that kind of offer, so we got whisked away and brought to a brilliantly delicious party. We made many new friends, including another Dave, and we indulged in some tasty treats. Then, even though it felt like we had only just arrived at the party, we needed to get back to the airport to fly home before it got dark. we said our good byes and were on our way.

Back to the airfield we went, hopped in the Jodel, and cruised home through Vancouver Harbour, via the Patullo Bridge route to Delta Heritage Air Park. We landed safely, and put the Jodel back into its hangar and filled out the journey log. 2.5 hours of good 'ol Pacific Flying!

It was a brilliant day of flying with some wonderful surprises and new friends made. Next time you should join us, because as the saying goes "The more pilots, the merrier!"

Written by: David McIntosh

Flying Adventure Notice☆UPDATE☆

WHERE: Chilliwack Sandbars
WHEN: Sunday, December 28th
WHO: Everyone as always is welcome
Departure Time: 1100 hrs

Details:  head up to check out the sand bars in around Chilliwack, then pop into YCW for lunch.

If, anyone has an empty seat, please leave a comment and we can find a copilot for you.  (If you want of course).

☆★☆★☆Delaying departure to 1200 hrs☆★☆★☆

Monday, December 15, 2014

New Year's Day (January 1st , 2015) Fly Out Event : "Franks on Fraser"

Next fly-out event is New Years' Day "Franks on Fraser" - fly into sandbanks on the Fraser River...BBQ Frankfurter/Wieners right there in the crisp morning's magic...stay tuned for details as Aviation News Journal Magazine is covering this fun start to 2015!

Pacific Pilot Christmas (Dec. 2014) Luncheon Photos

If you are not in these photos - YOU were MISSED by us all!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pemberton Adventure

Hi Aviator Friends,

This Saturday (Dec 13th) a couple of planes are heading to Pemberton.

Planning to be in Pemberton at 1200 for lunch.

Going so far is the Titan Tornado and the Jodel.

If anyone wants to meet up with us in Pemberton, we would be happy to see you there.

Safe Travels,


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Luncheon: Sunday , December 14th at 12:00 - Big Ridge Brew Pub Restaurant

Reminder - this Sunday!

Our annual get-together at the Big Ridge Pub on December 14th at 1200.

Address: Big Ridge Brew Pub:
5580 152 St, Surrey BC V3S 5J9

 We booked for 30 guests... and we are expecting a large turn-out (please RSVP, as we may have to reserve more seats!).
Call  or Text Elke for RSVP:  604.897.4749
Looking forward to connecting, sharing, laughing and just having a very , good time!

Monday, December 8, 2014


James...from my Aviation Community:



Just a heads up to all of you, Chilliwack Airport is now a mandatory frequency.



 Just a side note from Principal Air.

 “Chilliwack being a mandatory frequency, does not mean you can do ‘straight ins’.  The airspace rules are the same as when Chilliwack was a atf, the only difference is you need a radio, and must use it, because we do not have a flight service station.

 If you can pass the word around to any other aviators that you are aware of that may not know of the changes.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Just a general reminder to watch for birds while flying this time of year.  I even saw a flock of geese "in the way" at Kamloops airport on the weekend at -20C, probably rethinking their decision not to head south.
 Ken  flew his 172 through a flock of them the other evening landing at Langley after a Chilliwack outing.  Their speeds and direction were pretty close to his on his steep full-flap landing, so all he got was a few soft thuds and vegematic'd one with the prop (prop and crank are ok).  Goose sh$t all over the airplane but no damage - lucky.

This pilot in Botswana took a stork through the windshield of his Cessna 210, and was not so lucky.  Lost an eye.  The non-pilot passenger managed to land the airplane, though the gear never got down.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunshine Coast

Great day for flying. Some of the guys flew to Powell River for lunch and then to Texada for a visit. Dead smooth and not too cold.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Copa Presentation Delta Airpark.

This looks interesting, Check it out.

COPA Flight 5 - Boundary Bay Flying Club

Is hosting an Open House Night at Delta

Heritage Airpark (CAK3) at the RAA Roundhouse

Monday, November 17, 2014 at 19:30-21:30

All COPA Members, Flying Club Members

And aviation enthusiasts are welcome.

Guest Speakers


Kevin Psutka,

Canadian Owners Pilots Association

President and CEO

Kevin will be giving a COPA update on the proposed Aeronautics

Act ammendments relating to Aerodromes in Canada, and the 100LL

Avgas Replacement Project. This is an important issue to GA pilots.


Belinda Bryce,

The Magnes Group Inc.

Aviation Manager,

Belinda’s topic is Aviation Insurance 101

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Langley Events Canceled

Greetings fellow Aviators,

I have been informed that the Langley pancake breakfasts have been canceled until further notice.



Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Delta Heritage Air Park Pancake Breakfast

Sunday, November 9th 2014
If the weather cooperates lets fly in, if not then drive in.

see you all there,


Monday, November 3, 2014

Scud running

Not much flying going on with the weather we have been having although some of us did make it to "The place for pie" at the weekend.

An object took flight at King George during the last windstorm and damaged one of our airplanes. I would like to suggest that we all secure any loose objects in our hangers before the next storm to prevent more damage.

New Aviation News Journal Magazine Nov/Dec 2014 ready for you!

Here is the new PDF copy for ANJ Nov/Dec 2014...

Preview MAGZTER copy ONLY below -  at this time (file too big to upload on Pacific Pilot).

Click here:  http://publishers.magzter.com/reader/7275/71283

Print copies available via Subscription (www.aviationnewsjournal.com)

Blue skies...

Monday, October 27, 2014

Pacific Pilot Gathering

Greetings Aviators....

I would like to take this opportunity to update those who couldn't make it to our social gathering last Wednesday night.  I realize the weather was not ideal for driving, in fact a boat would have been a more logical form of transportation that night.

We had some new faces show up, which was wonderful to see.
Rob Halas, Elke Robinson, Bob Barron, Arvind AV, David Bianchi, Vignesh Rajasekar
Gary Morical, Greg Stump, David McIntosh, James Shepherd

There were some great topics shared that should be mentioned here.

  • David McIntosh informed the group of an ambitious project in the works to bring an Avro Lancaster from the east coast of Canada to Abbotsford for restoration and display.  The restoration project is in the preliminary stages so stay tuned for more information.

  • James Shepherd would like new pictures to update the blog banner.  If you have any great group shots please send them to James and he will update the banner.  

Upcoming Events:
  • Delta Heritage Air Park pancake breakfast on the 2nd Sunday of each month.  We would like to make a presence and introduce ourselves to the local groups and flying clubs so we will try to arrange a group gathering for these events.
  • Langley's pancake breakfast is on the 3rd Sunday of each month, again we should try to make an effort to make a presence there too.
  • Remembrance Day ceremony at the Delta Air Park.  Keep an eye on their website for details.

Remember the Christmas Luncheon on December 14th at 12:00.

Safe Flying,

David Bianchi

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Social Gathering

Hello Pacific Pilot friends,

When: OCTOBER 22, 2014
Where: Delta Air park
Time: 1900 hours
What is happening: Pacific Pilot Social gathering at Mary's Place at the Delta air park.

James has generously donated coffee for the night, I will bring sugar and cream.
If anyone would like to bring some treats to share, I'm sure no one would object ;-)

Please feel free to invite anyone you like to come and hang out, meet new people, catch up with old friends.

If you have any questions please e-mail me at dcbianchi12@gmail.com

See you all there,

David Bianchi

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Christmas Lunch : 1200: Sunday December 14th at Big Ridge Brewing Co. Restaurant (Surrey, BC)

We are early for announcing and booking our Christmas Lunch, and have already made the reservations at Big Ridge Brewing Co, Restaurant, our usual spot , for December 14th at 1200.

5580 152nd Street, Surrey, BC, CA ·
  • (604) 574-2739
  • Pacific Pilots is cordially inviting you and your spouse to have a fabulous time mingling , laughing, telling of our flying adventures of 2014, dreaming about our aviation exploits for 2015, whilst enjoying a scrumptious lunch :  visit with our  growing flying group , see old friends again, and make new friends...welcome!

    Wednesday, September 17, 2014

    Vargas Island Trip

    Well fellow pacific pilots and followers, we had a gorgeous day for our trip to the west coast of Vancouver Island.  The weather was beyond perfection for flying, not a ripple in the sky.

    We started out departing King George Air Park at 0900, and headed north towards Port Moody where we turned westbound to follow Burrard Inlet, transiting through the beautiful downtown harbour.   Following the Sunshine Coast we made our way over Texada Island over to the tip of Denman Island where we turned north again to follow the east coast of Vancouver Island to make our way to Courtenay.  
    After fueling up in Courtenay (No Mogas) we took off again and headed west.  Our route took us past the Comox Glacier enroute to Nootka Island.  

    Entering Nootka sound the sheer beauty of the west coast opened up to us.  Flying past the light house on the southern tip of Nootka Island we made our way to the west side of the island to find the beach where the stream for Crawfish Lake meets the mighty Pacific Ocean.  
    Landing on an ultra smooth sandy beach is an adventure only a few privileged pilots will ever experience.  

    We secured the airplanes we wandered over to the outflow stream from Crawfish Lake and admired the pure beauty of our surroundings.

    After we had our fill of beauty bliss, we took off again and made our way to Vargas Island.    En route we saw a Humpback whale take a few deep breaths then dive with its mighty tail in the air.  

    Next we saw a ton of Sea Lions enjoying the sun on the beach.  
    After following the shore line we arrived at Vargas Island where to our great pleasure, Bob Barron, Sharron and Daryl Toorenburgh were already there enjoying all the beach has to offer.  After doing a flyby to check out the best landing spot we touched down and taxied up to say hello.  

    Departing Vargas, it was off to Tofino/Long Beach Airport for lunch.  A big thank you to Len who didn't tell Ian and I exactly where the restaurant was. After wondering where the heck Len went, we called his cell phone to find out the Big Kahuna Restaurant is located at the North West corner of the airport!  

    After fueling up the airplanes and our bodies we headed home.  
    Ian and I followed Highway 4 to Port Alberni, while Len flew around the Southern Tip of Vancouver Island. Two hours later we were safely home back at King George Air park.  

    I must bow my head to my co-pilot Rob, who was able to endure 5.7 hours in the back seat of my Titan Tornado!  

    Job well done everyone, and I look forward to our next adventure.

    Fly Safe,