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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Franks on the Fraser Fly-In BBQ event for Saturday, January 31st!! Who is Flying??

Who is flying in?

We need your Pilot count:  Who has OPEN seats and who NEEDS a seat?
Can you let us know, so we may have a full turnout?

Aviation News Journal  Reporters NEED two seats :  Pick up and drop off from CYCW: Both Private Pilots: one 98 lb female weight and one 150 lb Male weight...:)
Timing: 11h50 (Guido calculated it takes 7.08 minutes from CYCW to the designated Sandbanks)
Remember to bring your own WIENERS/FRANKS/WHAT-NOTS...:)
Contact: info@aviationnewsjournal.com.

From our Pilot Ken: "Well this Saturday Jan. 31 is supposed to be excellent so the Franks on the Fraser is a go around noonish. It will be just east of the Agizziz bridge and there is a google picture attached. Bring your own hot dogs or marshmellows or what ever you want to burn on an open fire.
Remember landing is at the pilots discretion".

Previous: The Franks on the Fraser get together has been set for Saturday Jan. 10th , 2015....noon-ish!
It will take place on a gravel bar somewhere between the mission bridge and Hope. Most likely just east of the Agassiz bridge. Bring your own food but the fire and the friendship are free.
The fire should be going by noon so look for the smoke and as always land at your own discretion. (from Ken)