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Thursday, October 15, 2015

A smiling plane that flew on 10-10-2015 one of hundreds participating in the first W.U.F.I

the World Ultralight Fly In
The weather did not cooperate on that Saturday here on the coast of B.C. so that was to bad  , but better next time on  01-10-2016 this world record attempt will go again so lets hope that the weather God's smarten up , and again Ultralights from all over the world will share the same sky on the same day .
Now I was abit surprised that here in South Surrey where we have the largest Ultralight community in western Canada
only 2 party's ( pilots) had committed , and pinned them selfs on a map to participate in this event
have a look at the facebook photo page ( wufi photo page) and see the hundreds of pilots that have participated this year .
so I hope that next year we can all join the other Ultralight pilots in the World in this wonderful
Ron Smit