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Thursday, March 18, 2010

LSA flying in Canada

By Mary Grady, Contributing editor

It's now easier for U.S. pilots to fly their light sport aircraft into Canada, EAA said this week. Transport Canada now will treat LSAs the same as experimental aircraft. Previously, TC required U.S. pilots of LSAs to call ahead and receive authorization to fly in Canada, obtain a validation form to keep in the aircraft, and pay a $100 fee. "Now LSA owners simply have to download the Standardised Validation form, follow customs requirements, and fly," said Randy Hansen, EAA government relations director. "The $100 fee has been eliminated." TC still requires pilots to have a private pilot certificate with a valid medical -- sport pilots without an FAA medical certificate are not allowed. "But we're working on that, too," Hansen said.
The change will benefit Canadians as well as U.S. pilots, said Jack Dueck, a member of EAA's Canadian Council. "This is also good news for Canadians since it indicates a continuing effort to bring LSA to Canadian pilots and owners," Dueck said. To download a copy of the TC Standardised Validation form, go to the EAA Web site.