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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Re St Agnes Hot Springs by Skookumchuck.  The Cabin has 2 single beds, possibly put them together for a couple if so required.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hot Springs

P.S.  The place is quite clean and tidy.  It is rustic and well looked after. The guy at the end of the strip owns the cabin and has a very nice guest cabin in back of the main cabin. It has indoor plumbing, shower, microwave, hot plate, bedding and all the dishes and utensils supplied.  All you need to bring is food and drink.  $70.00 per night.I had some discussion with Robin (he owns the cabin and takes care of the runway) about maybe getting some the the trees at the approach cut down and he said he would take a look at it.

There is a Japanese man that looks after the hot springs and he charges $7.50 per person per day for the hot springs.There are also campsites along the Lillooett river that are decent.  Nice spot!!!!  Definately going back.

Skookumchuck (St Agnes hot springs)

Flew in there Sunday June 24th 2012. They claim 1200 ft of runway but in reality only about 800ft that is useable. The path that was cut through the trees is growing up in height making a shallow approach  not that possible  at the very begining, but gets better as you go in. I found it very do-able but you must remember that it is one way in only. If you have to overshoot you may not make it.  Big trees at the north end.

For tricycle gear planes, the grass strip is mowed, but it is quite rough. Make sure you land on the mains  till you have slowed considerably, before lowering the nose wheel. I would suggest for all types of planes to come in over the river, through the trees as low as possible, and drag the plane in so you don't run out of runway.Big Cabin at the end!!!!