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Friday, January 8, 2016

Airspace changes for U.S airspace.

This notice just came for COPA regarding airspace changes. Please be aware. I will will update this notice as we learn more about the changes.

U.S. has tightened cross-border aircraft security.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration issued a NOTAM on Jan. 1 that significantly changes cross-border operations for Canadian aircraft.
The NOTAM appears to require the operator of any Canadian aircraft to obtain a waiver from the FAA to fly in U.S. airspace.
Before the NOTAM was issued, Canadian aircraft were allowed to transit U.S. airspace without notifying U.S. Customs or security authorities as long as their destination was another Canadian airport.
There are numerous shortcuts across U.S. airspace used by Canadian pilots to get from one domestic airport to another and this NOTAM appears to add a layer of bureaucracy to those flights. Pilots who ignore the directive could find an F-16 or Blackhawk helicopter on their wing, according to the NOTAM.
The measure was apparently imposed without consultation and it seemed to take authorities on this side of the border by surprise.
The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association has put the following notice on its Web site.
“Urgent to all Canadian pilots as of January 1st, 2016, U.S. NOTAM FDC 5/6289, requiring a U.S. TSA approval for “all” flights through U.S. airspace. COPA is currently working with authorities to resolve this issue.”

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

NEW Aviation News & Lifestyle Magazine Jan/Feb 2016

Hi Aviators!

Here is your NEW Aviation News & Lifestyle Magazine Jan/Feb 2016

Because the file is too big to post here, we can give you the link that works on all electronic devices to download and read - whenever - wherever:  Enjoy!


For the next ANJ March/April 2016 issue , your ad booking and article /photo submission deadline is February 20th, 2016
email your AD and copy material to:  aviationnewsjournal@live.com

Happy and fabulous 2016!
TEAM ANJ and Elke Robinson

Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Years Day Flight – As the Props Turns - around the Lions!

I have a great view of  the North Shore mountains and The Lions (also known as the Twin Sisters) when taking my lunch walk at work.  Every time I look at them I think “one day I’m going fly around them”.    Today I did!  While I flew, Darrell took some amazing pictures.

But first I’ll start at the beginning of the day… New Years day… we look out the window and see nothing but white. Fog everywhere.  I don’t give up, I log on, to Ian’s King George web-cam and yes, the airport was clear!   (Thank you Ian!  Your cam is amazing.)

We made the plan to fly The Lions last night, so I was really excited to get going.  Breakfast, the Chevron for fuel, fuel in, gear in, inspection… oops, a bolt is missing from the right side wheel pant.  Found a spare in the trailer and got that on.  Last check of cowling and fuel caps… one cap looks off and a closer inspection found it not completely tight.  After much fiddling we finally got it closed using a wrench.  Why is it so hard to close, when yesterday it was fine?  Hmmm. 

Wheels up and we’re off to Delta Heritage Park for their New Year’s Day Open House.  Visited with friends and enjoyed great snacks and coffee.  “Thank you DHP!”

A Flight Services call for a wind report, and James as our ‘Reliable Buddy on the ground’ with our planned route, we were off.  Straight across Burnaby to the North Shore, Van Tml wouldn’t give us clearance, so we stayed under 1200 until we reached Van Harbour.

Then the climb began.  Not a puff of wind, not a cloud in the sky. 

The Lions

And then the mountains…. Wanting to approach from the West, we flew over Cypress ski hill, which was packed with skiers.

Looking North

Over the Inlet we climbed to 6000 ft and turned East

approaching from the West

 right about here ... we are both in total awe. 

The East Lion

A slow decent to the East

along the edge of the fog,

the hi rises near Coquitlam Centre

and over the Port Mann bridge, back home to King George

This flight was a dream come true, with no wind and clear blue skies. (fog on the ground doesn't count :o)

Happy New Year everyone!
From Darrell & Sharon