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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Up-date for the next Yellowknife flight meeting from Elke Robinson.

Our next Meeting: We meet at 12h00 in Gary Atkins' Hangar in Chilliwack for Map layout and general discussions.


Thereafter, I managed to reserve a table for 10 for the PACIFIC PILOTS GROUP:


 Feb 22nd: 13h00 LUNCH at the Airport Coffee Shop in Chilliwack!


Any questions call me: 604.897.4749


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Yellowknife group meeting

The first "Flight to Yellowknife" meeting took place on Saturday at the Big Ridge Brewpub. Our next meeting is in 3 weeks' time:  Saturday:  February 22nd at 12h00 in Chilliwack.  We meet for Lunch and then gather in Gary Atkin's Hangar for Planning and Map layout. Everyone with an interest in the flight should be there. See you there guys.

Gravel Bar and Sand Bar Landings with Brunch at Rowena Golf Course

First of February marked a small adventure flight from CSK8 to Rowena Sandpiper Golfcourse Landing Strip.  Along the way , we got to experience  low level flying and landings on the gravel and sandbars between Mission and Chilliwack. Len and Elke flew in the Piper Vagabond, James Shepherd and Heidi flew in the Rans Coyote, Gary Morical and Ann and Sharon and Darrel joined us at Rowena's Restaurant for a yummy Brunch.  Worth a cold and crisp February winter flight and get together. 

Notice Heidi holding something in her hand?  It is a token for her first gravel bar landing, given to her from Sharon.  Heidi just finished her Commercial License.  So proud we are having such accomplished and fun pilots in our Pacific Pilots Group!