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Monday, March 3, 2014

Next Meeting Update:
The Pacific Pilots Flying Group is meeting again for more   information about our trip to Yellowknife :
 Thursday, March 20th at 1900 at the Delta Airpark Coffee Shop/Clubhouse.

This cozy and warm facility has a full kitchen and BBQ, if we ever needed to make a yummy Dinner or  have any other aviation related function.

Delta Airpark Committee has graciously and kindly made it known,  that we are welcome to book our future flight planning events any time  there , if we require a solid meeting place.

Additional email invite to this meeting is  going out to everyone I have on my current email list.
Looking forward...much fun , light and laughter!

Warmly,  Elke:)

P.S.: The first story is already featured in ANJ Mar/Apr 2014 issue: