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Monday, December 20, 2010

It was an enjoyable afternoon at the pub for the Xmas lunch. Thanks to Rob Barron for suggesting the function and thanks to James,for organizing it.Great turnout.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas lunch at the Big Ridge/PUFA

What a great turnout for lunch today. It was nice to have so many of our group together. Shades of years gone by when a Christmas get together was expected and a normal part of our group activity. I for one hope that todays event is the first of many.

Some of you may know that there is a movement to re-instate PUFA, the Pacific Ultralight Flying Association. There are many changes proposed by Transport Canada which will involve the Ultralight community and without representation our points of view will go unheard. We as a group need representation. Fred Glasbergen spoke for us in Ottawa as the Pacific Ultralight Flying Association in favour of Passenger Carrying when the Eastern group UPAC was fervently against it. Fred has volunteered his time and expertise to be a spokesperson for the West Coast pilot community but needs your support so that we can speak as a group. Robbie Barron has volunteered to be part of the executive and I hope you will give both Rob and Fred your full support. Comments please.