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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Vargas Island Trip

Well fellow pacific pilots and followers, we had a gorgeous day for our trip to the west coast of Vancouver Island.  The weather was beyond perfection for flying, not a ripple in the sky.

We started out departing King George Air Park at 0900, and headed north towards Port Moody where we turned westbound to follow Burrard Inlet, transiting through the beautiful downtown harbour.   Following the Sunshine Coast we made our way over Texada Island over to the tip of Denman Island where we turned north again to follow the east coast of Vancouver Island to make our way to Courtenay.  
After fueling up in Courtenay (No Mogas) we took off again and headed west.  Our route took us past the Comox Glacier enroute to Nootka Island.  

Entering Nootka sound the sheer beauty of the west coast opened up to us.  Flying past the light house on the southern tip of Nootka Island we made our way to the west side of the island to find the beach where the stream for Crawfish Lake meets the mighty Pacific Ocean.  
Landing on an ultra smooth sandy beach is an adventure only a few privileged pilots will ever experience.  

We secured the airplanes we wandered over to the outflow stream from Crawfish Lake and admired the pure beauty of our surroundings.

After we had our fill of beauty bliss, we took off again and made our way to Vargas Island.    En route we saw a Humpback whale take a few deep breaths then dive with its mighty tail in the air.  

Next we saw a ton of Sea Lions enjoying the sun on the beach.  
After following the shore line we arrived at Vargas Island where to our great pleasure, Bob Barron, Sharron and Daryl Toorenburgh were already there enjoying all the beach has to offer.  After doing a flyby to check out the best landing spot we touched down and taxied up to say hello.  

Departing Vargas, it was off to Tofino/Long Beach Airport for lunch.  A big thank you to Len who didn't tell Ian and I exactly where the restaurant was. After wondering where the heck Len went, we called his cell phone to find out the Big Kahuna Restaurant is located at the North West corner of the airport!  

After fueling up the airplanes and our bodies we headed home.  
Ian and I followed Highway 4 to Port Alberni, while Len flew around the Southern Tip of Vancouver Island. Two hours later we were safely home back at King George Air park.  

I must bow my head to my co-pilot Rob, who was able to endure 5.7 hours in the back seat of my Titan Tornado!  

Job well done everyone, and I look forward to our next adventure.

Fly Safe,