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Monday, April 9, 2012

Hastings Field for a coffee break

After visiting with the Nanaimo Flying Club we made a quick stop at Hastings Field. A gust of wind gave me good sideways push, just as I was coming in final. A little scream, a little stick, a little rudder, and I was rolling nicely down the runway. What a great day!

Nanaimo Flying Club

What a great way to start Spring flying!

A group of King George pilots stops in to visit the Nanaimo Flying Club.

Thanks for the lunch and ice cream!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

fuel pump problems

I am having trouble feeding a 912ul engine and think the manual fuel pump may be the problem. Good flow from wing tank to the pump but doesn't seem to be much to carbs, runs low on fuel at idle and starves. Should I be able to blow air through the pump towards the carbs? It seems I can do this as well s drawing air back in reverse through the pump. I am 60o miles north of Vancouver so need to work this out on my own! Any response appreciated.

The engine is in a basket case Pelican PL that I have completly rebuilt.

Doug Steele