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Monday, August 3, 2015

Nootka - where's Len?

Dropped in at Calvin Falls, (Vagabond's swimming hole) on Saturday.  Couple of kayakers said another yellow taildragger was there just when they were coming ashore a few hours earlier.  I landed about an hour after high tide so didn't see any tracks.  Was that you Len (and the water's still kinda cold)?

BTW, they were thirsting for company, having had only themselves to talk to the past 3 weeks.  I'd heard a rumor that the  Nootka Island trail was closed due to aggressive cougar activity, so maybe that was why the crowd had thinned out.

Thought of camping on the beach but didn't want to worry about the higher tide at 1am, so buzzed the extra 30 minutes to Nimpkish lake for the night.

Cruised  by the south end of Hornby on the way back and saw a red-white three-bladed Beaver and yellow 172 parked on the old farm at the south end.  We used to land there years ago but haven't seen anyone there for a while.  Might be a future flyout - anybody know the PPR codes?

Along with Rowena's, another "doghouse 'r us" restaurant to sooth a flying partner at the end of their rope is "Final Approach" at Qualicum Airport.  All was forgiven.