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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hello Pacific Pilots,

It looks like a great weekend comming up for an adventure.

Vargas update: looks like the trend has been fog until 11:00, so I propose traveling up to Courtany, have a break, fuel you body and plane.  Check the fog situatuon over at Vargas at that time, if it has cleared up we go, if not we pick another destination (skys the limit).

If you plan on joining the adventure, we will depart King George at 0900.  Those departing from other airports, we will meet at up at Courtany.

Please invite anyone you think might enjoy the flight.  We are not an exclusive club, all are welcome.

Any one looking for a copilot or travel companion,  please email me at dcbianchi12@gmail.com and we will find you a mate to join you.

Hope to see you all out there. Remember, Safety first.



Sunday, September 7, 2014

September local flying

September means most of the snowpack has melted away.  If you've ever thought to find the "Nazi Gold" bomber up behind Widgeon Lake, now is the time as it is completely free of the snow that usually covers it most the year.  This picture is from the north side looking south, about 5000'. Crash is circled in red.

Had a look at possible sandbars on the upper Pitt River, with the thought of getting close to the hot springs up there.  Didn't really see anything friendly, some bars between the first bridge and the lake, have a look for yourself.

For reasons unknown, the embedded youtube videos don't appear on a mobile device.  I'll add the URL link below them as a "just in case"

From there I whipped over to Stave Lake and had a look at their bars.  Ended up landing on the airstrip.  It's OK, all the loggers and pipelayers are gone for now.

And finally just the takeoff from Stave Lake.

Hope you enjoy the armchair flying and it motivates you out into your plane.  The best flying in the world is in your backyard.

PS.  If any of you genuine gravel bar guys see a promising land-able bar in the video's, let us know.