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Friday, July 11, 2014

Rugged Point - near Kyuquot

July 11, 2014

I'd better squeeze this in before the Yellowknife trip takes all the laurels.

Took a sunny day trip to Nootka Island - landed at the usual haunt by Calvin Falls.  A few kayakers around, checked out the "clubhouse" just inside the bush near the falls.

From there I had a close look at Catala Island, heard you could land on the beach on the south side.  Maybe, did a couple of dummy runs but gave it a pass this time.

From there to Rugged Point, passed Port Eliza airstrip - looks like they had some equipment on it widening it out, still a little cramped but you short-wing Piper guys might be ok.  Landed at Rugged Point and had a look around, ventured up the little trail to the inside campground.  Then took off and saw what looked like someone putting in a serious campground at the very east end.

Ok, back on the road, swung past Zeballos, memories of logging and fighting fire in Amai Inlet

And finally dropped into Woss for lunch.  Some white trash toothless reprobate burned a couch in the middle of the far (west) end of the strip, but there was still lots of room to land.